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Unexpected discovery of Brouwer painting!

Our search for the portraits that Henk Brouwer made in Changi, put us in contact with people from all over the world. This time the daughter of Harry Silman, one of Brouwers fellow inmates in Changi, mailed us from England, saying that she still has a painting that Henk Brouwer gave her father right after liberation, a few days before they were released from Changi Jail. ‘It is a remarkable painting, full of symbolism,’ she says. ‘It shows the sick and injured POWs in Changi; whether you lived or died was a game of chance. It also symbolizes the medical help that my father, who was a docter, tried to give. After liberation the survivors walk out of Changi (top right) on a path made by the doctor’s
(?) arm, towards the setting sun.’ A great discovery of a meaningful piece of art!